Opportunity awaits!

Working in the landscape industry isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding. If you love working with your hands and would take pride in being a part of building and maintaining some beautiful properties for nice customers, then this could be perfect for you. Opportunity for advancement is yours for the taking. All positions start at a competitive hourly rate, but we want you to earn as much as possible! Through a systematic approach, team members have a clear outline of the requirements for each position and how to get there.

The basic stuff:

Be physically fit with an attention to detail, this is hard work that requires stamina.
Have the initiative to grow within your position
Have the desire to accomplish tasks with a sense of urgency
Have the desire to play on a winning team

The Next Steps


Make sure you submit your application via our online application process.
Stand by for an invitation to interview.
If invited, participate in our initial phone Interview.
If invited, participate in a second One-On-One Interview and provide references (if you didn’t include them in your online application)
If successful in the comprehensive Reference Checks, get invited to attend an Open Tryout to show us your field skills. Even if you have little to no experience, we need to see if you can use a shovel or a rake, take direction and the pace you work at. If you tell us you have the skills, be prepared to back it up!
If selected, get out in the field and get working! We have a minimum two week Field Tryout (paid, of course) so our Leaders and other team members can see how you do and so you can try us on for size too.
If offered, accept the job and schedule your orientation and start date!
Great people deserve great opportunity.

We believe that quality of life is determined by the people we surround ourselves with at home and at work. Life’s too short to spend your days working in a situation in which you’re not bettering yourself both professionally and personally. At Artistic Grounds we can guarantee that your work will be rewarding and inspiring and that you will be working with nice people.

How can we guarantee this? Well, to begin with, we take our values seriously (Delighting Our Customers, Giving Back to the Community, etc.) and then we offer benefits that raise the bar within the landscape industry. We can only provide exceptional outdoor lifestyles for our client’s if we are able to attract the best staff and reward them accordingly.

Some of the benefits our staff enjoys at Artistic Grounds…

Paid overtime
Stake in our Profit Sharing Plan and Benefits Package*
Professional and personal development opportunities
Weekly Team Huddles that share Measurable Metrics
New and Clean Equipment
Cutting edge Technology
The opportunity to learn from industry leaders
* (after completion of probation period)

Apply Here

**A valid Massachusetts driver’s license and a medical card is a requirement for all positions.

Artistic Grounds is an Equal Opportunity Employer